Access points and controllers

Wireless access points and controllers

Ensure rapid and reliable access to Wi-Fi productivity, increase network efficiency and provide support to the growing requirements for mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) in your network.


Access Points

Wireless access points

The Aruba wireless access points provide exceptional 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance - they can be installed and managed with or without controllers dynamic AP.



The mobile controllers provide network optimization, monitoring of IP services and policies, while simplifying the integration of security and enterprise application platforms.

Wireless for SMB

Wireless networks for SMB

The wireless access points HPE OfficeConnect 802.11n/ac can be connected in a centrallized managed cluster of up to 16 AP without the need for additional hardware.


Selected wireless access points and controllers


Aruba 300 Series

Aruba 330 Series APs

802.11ac Wave 2, which scales to multi-Gigabit Ethernet for environments with extremely high density.


Aruba 300 Series

Aruba 310 Series APs

802.11ac Wave 2 wireless access points that provide high Gigabit speeds and excellent performance for mobile and IoT devices in dense environments.


Aruba 300 Series

Aruba 270 Series APs

These innovative AP provide fast and reliable 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance in all weather conditions.


Aruba 7200 Series

7200 Series Mobility Controllers

Next-generation network platform optimized for delivery of mobile applications for maximum customer satisfaction through Wi-Fi.





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