Converged Systems

Built-in converged efficiency

The converged systems provide low cost of ownership and great flexibility to meet growing business needs. Neutralize inefficiency and inflexibility of silo infrastructure with software-defined flexibility and automation.

Implement pre-validated, tested configurations just for weeks instead of months. Run IT services not for hours but minutes. Integrated, optimized for different workloads systems that eliminate outdated silo infrastructure for greater efficiency, simplicity and speed.




Convergence in numbers

HPE ConvergedSystem 700 makes your infrastructure faster, easier to use and much more effective:

96% 50% 217%
Less time for server configuration. Less necessary management resources. Less maintenance costs compared to competitive systems.


Converged infrastructure that simplifies IT

Pre-configured, software-defined for a wide range of workloads.

 HPE Hyper-converged  HPE Converged Mixed Workloads  HPE Converged for Cloud  HPE Converged for Cloud

Hyper-converged systems

Simple and innovative, all-in-one virtualization solutions that integrate computing resources software-defined storage and analysis that enable quick deployment of virtual machines to the cloud, simplifies IT operations and reduce costs.


Converged systems for mixed workloads

Cover a wide range of business needs through open, flexible, optimized for different workloads system.

Converged systems for Cloud

Fully integrated converged systems for Cloud, which eliminate the gap between traditional and cloud application workloads.


Converged systems for client virtualization

Centralized and automated management, which supports organizations with global and mobile employees.


 HPE BIG Data Systems

Converged systems for Big Data

Full portfolio of converged systems for data managed enterprises.


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