Entry-level storage systems

Start small and grow

Affordable, flexible storage that can scale to adjust to your plans for growth and adapt automatically when something unexpected happens to ensure business continuity. Easy management with rich features including support for SSD. Take DAS, to expand your servers, NAS devices for file sharing and flexible shared arrays of physical and virtual applications.


Entry Level Storage Systems


Enterprise functionalities in entry-level storage

HPE brings the power of flash and other high-end features at the lowest price levels and simplicity of which can benefit almost any organization in the market for shared storage. HPE technology experts presented two entry-level products - MSA StoreVIrtual 2042 and 3200 - both provide enterprise-class performance and allow you to start small and grow in the future.


Available storage systems without limits

You are not limited by budget

Combine effectively #1 entry storage with #1 x86 server by adding StoreVirtual or MSA to HPE ProLiant servers. Start with connectivity at low price - SAS or ISCSI, then move to Fibre Channel. Or completely replace SAN with Virtual Array Storage (VSA) technology.


You are not limited by the complexity

IT managers or application administrators can easily set up and run powerful HPE solutions for data storage - often by the familiar tools of VMware and Microsoft. The NAS solutions offer easy sharing of data files. SAN products can be setup in minutes.


You are not limited by the incapacity

The budget of entry-level storages makes unacceptable downtime. With features such as hardware and network RAID, expanded cluster support, snapshots and remote replication, the HPE Entry Storage portfolio keeps your system always on.


You are not limited by the efficiency

Meets the needs for performance of your always "hungry" applications by built-in flash technology and accelerates their implementation from day one. Consolidates data from most of your applications, including performance-intensive databases and productivity applications such as Microsoft SQL and Exchange.



Entry storage systems designed for all needs

HPE MSA Storage

HPE MSA Storage

Market leading entry SAN storage with affordable performance and flexible SAS, ISCSI, or Fibre Channel connectivity.



HPE StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Storage

HPE StoreEasy Storage

Optimized, highly-affordable NAS, which addresses your file and application related challenges.



HPE StoreVirtual 3000 Storage

HPE StoreVirtual Storage

Affordable and reliable software-defined storage that can start from a small volume and scale for virtualized applications.



HPE D6020 Enclosure

HPE Disk Enclosures

Addresses the growing storage needs of HPE ProLiant servers with flexible, modular disk enclosures with 12GB SAS connectivity.



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