Midrange and enterprise-class storage systems

Eliminate the limits of storage with a system that can easyly scale from small to large

The converged storage platforms of HPE are created with "polymorphic" design for virtually all loads and budgets. This includes compatible features and management built into a common storage architecture, which saves time and money by protecting the future of your IT infrastructure.


Flash-optimized Tier-1 Storage for Any Service Level

Flash-optimized storage systems of the highest class and any SLA

Provision quickly, respond effortlessly, migrate seamlessly, scale efficiently and ensure high performance in a world of unpredictable needs. HPE 3PAR StoreServ can be scaled according to the needs of the most demanding cloud service providers in the world, as well as of corporate and middle class applications. Shared design and hardware accelerated thin technologies enable availability of 99.9999% and exceptional performance at low TCO.


Virtualization, cloud and ITaaS

From client and server virtualization to hypervisors and hybrid clouds, get detailed information, reference architectures and all the guidance that you need.


Critical enterprise applications

When it comes to application - learn all details of the solutions of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, as well as technical means to store and protect your business data.



Software-defined Scale-out Storage

Software-defined, scalable storage system

With over 1 million distributions in the world, HPE StoreVirtual VSA is a leader in cost optimization, software-defined storage. For greater scalability and performance, go to series HPE StoreVirtual 4000 midrange arrays. The linear scalability of performance and capacity, plus included software features allow you to start small and seamlessly grow up.



Federated to Enable Data Center Wide Agility

For exceptional speed and agility throughout the data center

Federated mobility means you can continuously move workloads between different storage systems in your data center for seamless refresh and load balancing. It's available for HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE StoreVirtual arrays. Now you can scale without limitations and meet new business opportunities without restrictions for storage.



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