Rack Servers


HPE ProLiant DL Family

Upgrade your infrastructure with the most complete portfolio of diverse computing proposals that provide efficiency for your data center at different loads and for various applications.


HPE Apollo Rack Servers

Specially built for high-performance computing and big data intelligence with outstanding performance, economy and scalability in a small footprint.


HPE Integrity Rack Servers

For loads that your services depend on, select the highest level of flexibility, balanced with optimized reliability, scalability and efficiency.


Selected Rack Servers

Speed up all kinds of loads with a fully adaptable and scalable servers.



HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen9 Server

Reliability, support and availability make these 4P servers standard for the data center and base for further scaling and upgrade of computing resources. 4U form factor.



HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen9 Server

The ideal 4-socket high-density computing server with different sized load. 2U form factor.



HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 Server

Flexible standard for data centers with intensive calculations and varying load. 2U form factor.



HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen9 Server

Intense performance and perfect options for memory expanding and I/O in the data center with varying load. 1U form factor.



HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen9 Server

A new standard for the needs of the growing data center with the right balance of scalability, performance and manageability in a compact chassis. 2U form factor.



HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen9 Server

A basic model with an appropriate balance between storage, efficiency and manageability. It allows growing businesses to address a variety of workloads. 1U form factor.



HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen9 Server

The ideal compact platform for growing businesses and service providers operating IT infrastructure in an environment with limited space.




HPE ProLiant XL730f Gen9

Modular platform for high-performance computing with 2 x 2P node tray for up to 144 servers in a rack and many additional options. Form factor: 1U half width.



HPE Integrity rx2800 i4

Reliable and secure server for a wide range of critical loads 2U UNIX with 2 sockets. Ideally suitable for remote offices and data centers.


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