HPE Fixed Port Routers

Routers with fixed ports

Connect your workplace with high-productive access to the Internet and allow your team to show their best.

HPE Modular Routers

Modular routers

Get fully modular, rugged routers with high performance, quality support and reliability, your team can count on to.

HPE Wireless Routers

Virtual and wireless routers

Quickly and easily connect your business with a wireless router designed for simplicity and reliability, with security features to protect your organization.


Selected routers


HPE FlexNetwork MSR2000 Router Series

HPE FlexNetwork MSR2000 Router Series

With throughput capacity for applications requiring intensive traffic channels, integrated infrastructure and modular design, suitable for small and medium-sized branches.


HPE Networking PS110 Wireless VPN Routers

HPE PS110 Wireless VPN Router Series

Quick and easy connection. Secure wired and wireless network of a small and growing businesses - in one device.


HPE Networking VSR1000 Routers

HPE VSR Series Routers

Manage critical network services virtually via hypervisors of VMWare and Linux, and popular routing protocols.



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