System Integration

All the new developments, happening in the technology field - clouds, social networks, mobility, Big Data - put significantly higher requirements to your IT infrastructure. STEMO offers various services for design and implementation of systems that provide flexible approach to traditional infrastructure integration with the new architectures in a dynamic, based on open standards modern technological environment.

We assist you to develop a software-defined environment, which uses expertise based models in order to automate the process of infrastructure resources implementation, according to the particular workload.


Consolidation and Virtualization

Enhance the utilization, optimize the space and energy consumption, create appropriate conditions for an infrastructure standardization.


Optimization and Standardization

Reduce the complexity of implementation and management and build a reliable foundation for automation.


Automation and Complexity Reduction

Improve and simplify the reoccurring processes. Reduce the manual operations.


Dynamic Optimization of a Hybrid Infrastructure

Scale and plan properly the resources for an easy response of the changing workloads.

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